Mizzi Motors

Wed 4, 2021

MAPFRE Middlesea partners up with Mizzi Motors

MAPFRE Middlesea has partnered up with Mizzi Motors Ltd. to develop and launch its new Electric Vehicle (EV) insurance policy as part of its commitment towards environmental sustainability

MAPFRE Middlesea has partnered up with Mizzi Motors Ltd. to develop and launch its new Electric Vehicle (EV) insurance policy as part of its commitment towards environmental sustainability. The company acknowledges its responsibility towards the environment as well as the vital role it can play in addressing the impact on climate change.

With the introduction of the EV product, MAPFRE Middlesea hopes to lead a wider market transition so that further actions can be made towards the fight against climate change. In this case, MAPFRE Middlesea seeks to set a strong example of going green within the insurance industry. Sustainable development is an integral part of the MAPFRE mindset and the company is proud to continue to develop and invest in its strategy towards promoting green practices.

Mizzi Motors Ltd. is leader within the EV market and offers a wide variety of EV and PHEV models representing amongst others distinguished brands such as Nissan, Mitsubishi, JLR, BMW, Mini, VW, Seat and the recent addition MG making it a key player in the inevitable climate change movement. Providing insurance products in tandem with such vehicles was the next natural step in ensuring the best service to all their customers. The wider use of EVs has the potential to completely transform the reduction of global emissions. In actuality, the running of electric cars are entirely eco-friendly due to their sole reliance on electricity instead of fuel in order to run them, as well as the fact that they do not emit any toxic gases or smoke that can harm the environment. Furthermore, when driving at lower speeds, EVs produce far less noise pollution in comparison to fuel-powered vehicles. MAPFRE Middlesea recognises that these benefits are especially prevalent to those who travel through highly urbanised areas on a regular basis, such as those on the Maltese Islands. Instead, EVs are made to run on a clean energy source, contributing to an overall healthier and greener climate.

“We strongly believe that the transition to electric vehicles will play a crucial role in tackling climate change”, said Javier Moreno, President and CEO of MAPFRE Middlesea. “While we understand that the upfront costs of purchasing an electric vehicle may be a deterrent for many drivers, they will be glad to know that research has shown that making the switch to greener vehicles will bring with it both financial and environmental benefits over time”, he added.

“Nissan has always been at the forefront of technology and the first to introduce the full EV 1st generation Nissan Leaf and has since then sold more than 500,000 units globally.”, said Ian Mizzi, Managing Director of Nissan Malta Sales Ltd. He added that “Such model has evolved over time excelling in reliability and technology with zero emissions and we are now looking towards launching a fully electric SUV model in Q1 next year. This will be another milestone for Nissan that will lead to a number of new models in the coming future.”

It is evident that if drivers are considering buying a new car, then an EV could be a considerably appealing option with regards to the savings on insurance, fuel and road tax in the long-run. However, MAPFRE understands the importance of societal change in this area as well as the expectations of its stakeholders and how the treatment of this issue could affect the company’s future success.

“The EV insurance product launch reinforces our commitment to the future of mobility and to be at the forefront in the transformation of the mobility landscape”, said Boris Curmi, Chief Commercial Officer of MAPFRE Middlesea.

“We have always been committed to providing the best experience possible to our customers and this partnership strengthens that commitment by ensuring that they are provided with a holistic streamlined service throughout all stages of their customer journey particularly with hire purchase and leasing offers, part exchange, quality after sales and now also insurance coverage provided by MAPFRE Middlesea said Jean Spiteri, General Manager of Nissan Motors Sales Ltd. & Industrial Motors Ltd.

MAPFRE Middlesea is working towards this goal because it is a company that is committed to environmental sustainability, and work is underway for MAPFRE to become a carbon neutral company on a global level by 2030, forming part of the Group’s Sustainable Development Goals. Going forward, MAPFRE will continue to reinforce its commitment to promote a greener environment and pursue the fight against climate change.

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