Mizzi Leasing

Thu 5, 2019

First Ever BMW X7 on the Island

The latest flagship of the BMW X-line, the biggest BMW ever built, the BMW X7 has been leased by our leasing company. The culmination of comfort, luxury, and powerful living is embodied in the BMW X7.

 The BMW X7 was handed over to one of our well esteemed leasing clients, managing director at Smart Homes Limited, Mr Andrew Debattista Segond. Once again, the client entrusted our leasing company to assist him in acquiring the upgraded and latest 4X4. The BMW X7 offers spaciousness, superior quality, strong performance, agile handling and off-road capability and a full complement of advanced equipment features which all complemented Mr Debattista’ s requested requirements.

Mizzi Lease strives to offer tailor made lease packages to its private and corporate clients at the best value for money.