Wed 11, 2019

CUPRA Concept Car

The electric car is now the present of the automotive industry. Its breakthrough is bringing about changes in the entire development and production process of a car, beginning with its design. Which elements are eliminated? How can you increase range through design? We find the answers in the design of CUPRA's new concept car, the wholly electric Tavascan SUV coupe.

Aerodynamics is key
“When designing an electric model, the biggest challenge is its aerodynamic efficiency”, explains Alberto Torrecillas, a designer of exteriors at CUPRA. To achieve this, wings and appendages naturally appear on the body of the concept car. “Everything is sculpted intentionally to give the vehicle a soul. There is nothing that looks machine-made; its appendages stand out as muscles that protrude from the body and define the silhouette of CUPRA's SUV coupe.” This produces less wind resistance and increases the driving range.

Slimmed down cars
Electric cars add a new, essential element for them to operate - the batteries. And designers must find a dedicated location for them. On the Tavascan they are arranged in the lower part of the vehicle. Due to the weight of the batteries, working with lightweight materials becomes a priority for the designers.


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