Sat 12, 2019

Audi Sport Racing History


Audi positions itself as the sportiest supplier in the premium sector, and for this it has the perfect basis: Motorsport. Sportiness, pioneering technology and an evocative design lay the foundations for Audi brand’s success. The genes for this stem from racing.


Audi Sport has stood behind the successful motor racing involvement of AUDI AG for 40 years. Nowadays, the Ingolstadt manufacturer markets its most sporty Audi models and accessories under the label Audi Sport. The first motor racing activities of the Audi brand began in the late 1970s under the tagline Audi Motorsport. With its entry into the World Rally Championship in 1980, the brand changed the name of its motorsport department to Audi Sport. Even then, works-run motorsport at Audi was part of the Technical Development (TE) department. This close connection guarantees the technology transfer between motorsport and series production. Traditionally, this is a decisive reason for Audi taking on top-level motorsport.

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